Who is Wyser Marketing?

My name is Steven. I am the owner of Wyser Marketing. Wyser is my mother’s maiden name, and it works out great for the double meaning. I am all for thinking outside the box, and getting you cash flow. Your business is my business. I began slowly in internet marketing. It started with making a Facebook page for my father’s business, and it went on from there. Instagram, Google, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. I did a lot of experimenting at first, and a lot of learning after that.

It’s almost magical what happens when everything is coming together. At the beginning of a project, there is a lot of footwork. After some time, you start seeing good results. You get more calls, traffic, and you rank higher.

For my dad’s business, I was able to rank him to the top of several searches. It made a big difference. When people are looking for your type of business, you want to be at the top of the list for whatever search they are making. Do you sell beds, furniture, and home decor? You want to be at the top of each Google search for beds, furniture, and home decor. You also want to pop up within the search of every close city, which can also be done.

I really enjoy making a positive impact on local businesses. I feel that I provide excellent value to my clients. Consider how much you are paying for advertising, and then consider that you might not even be on the first page of Google when someone searches for your business type. People search for something when they are close, or ready to buy something. That is when you want to be seen.